Kenneth E. Poris PC

Attorney at Law

Criminal Defense
You need someone that knows the system inside and out.
Ken Poris is an experienced defense attorney, prosecutor, and police commisioner.
He puts these skills to work for his clients.  He represented Defedants involving criminal sex abuse charges, batter and aggravated battery charges, misdemeanor and felony theft charges and have tried and been successful in these types of cases.  Have been successful in barring witnesses from testifying whom were claimed to be expert witnesses.  Have been successful in defending Order of Protection cases and having them dismissed.  Had a Class 2 Felony criminal sex abuse case reduced to a Level 4 which was 10 year registration rather than lifetime, and successfully knocked out State's expert witnesses.  Recently had 2 severe Felony drug cases reduced to a single Misdemeanor with no jail time. 
Up to date and cutting edge legal knowledge is critical  for your defense.
Ken Poris stays current by attending ongoing legal education.


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